Project Management

Ask Advise & Consultancy offers professional, methodical knowledge and experience in Program Management and Project Management. We are aware of the consequences of a change and the relationship with the day-to-day operations. We help organizations to be successful in (complex) projects.

As professionals we have extensive experience in the design, implementation, and control of projects, programs and Project Management Offices. We distinguish us by substantive involvement and a strong proactive attitude to all relevant issues around the project or program to address and thus the management to unload.

Within the context of PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is a project defined as:

‘A temporary organization that is designed to provide one or more business products according to an agreed Business Case’.

Project Management is the planning, delegation, monitoring and management of all aspects of the project and the motivation of those involved, the project goals within the expected performance objectives for time, cost, quality, coverage, benefits and risks. By the temporary organization of projects can be grouped together to all interested parties the required products or services. The structure and the processes within a project-based approach strengthen the focus, the support and involvement of the on to deliver products and services. That is why projects are an important way to change.

The most important is to find out what your customer really need:

What the customer really want

For the plans, delegation, monitoring and management of your project(s), we use the PRINCE2 method. Our professionals are certified PRINCE2 Practitioner.

Via the following link, you can download our presentation: Approach Project Management(click ‘alleen-lezen’ to open the slide pack).

* More detailed information can be found in the recommended literature in the left-hand section of the NL page.

Source: Managing Successful Projects with Prince2