Organization Culture

The concept of organizational culture refers to values which are considered as a matter of course, into the underlying assumptions, to expectations, to collective memories and definitions which are already present in the organization. It has to do with ‘The way we do things around here’.

It reflects the dominant ideology that people have in their head. It provides the employees the feeling of identity, in addition to a number of unwritten and often unstated guidelines for behavior in the organization and it enhances the stability of the social system. *

“It is generally known that not less than three-quarters of all efforts to ‘reengineering’, ‘Total Quality Management’, strategic planning and slimming down, led to as many totally failures, or such serious problems that have caused by the survival of the organization there was threatened. Several studies have shown that the neglect of the culture of the organization as the cause.” *

In other words, the failure to change the organizational culture proved disastrous for the desired other organizational changes. Solidarity

Ask Advise & Consultancy support organizations in the change of their organization culture. It is necessary to measure what the current organizational culture is and it should be clear what the desired organizational culture is for the future.

In order to measure a and the organization culture there are many measuring instruments, two methods where we regularly work with are:

    1. The culture type of C. Handy (1978) and Harrison (1972), supported by a questionnaire.
    2. The Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument: the ‘OCAI-model’ of Robert Quinn (2006), supported by a questionnaire.

* Source: Quinn & Cameron, 2006