Conger & Kanungo

The Questionnaire Conger & Kanungo model suggests that charisma is used by a manager in relation to the organization members. A manager will be seen as charismatic when the organization members perceive or interpret it as charismatic. The model offers a three stage framework for the identification of the different components of the observed behavior of the manager that contributes to the perception of charisma. Additional predicts the model that any such observed behavior, opinions and the attitude of the organization members influences. Conger describes four steps in the charismatic leadership approach.

The model measure the transformational influence of leaders, with the main objective to change the behavior of the followers their basic attitudes, opinions and values. Conger & Kanungo indicate that charismatic leadership leads to an attitude change of the followers, characterized by the identification with the leader and the Internationalization of the values firmly entrenched by the leader his/her vision.

  • Continuous assessment of the environment and the formulation of a vision.
  • Communicate the vision using motivational and persuasive arguments.
  • The building of trust and commitment; the subordinates, the objectives of the leader wishes and ondesteunen and the leader build trust in the leader and in the viability of the objectives.
  • This is usually achieved by the personal risk taking , unconventional expertise and self sacrifice the achievement of the vision, using rolmodelling, authorization and unconventional tactics.

Conger and Kanungo measuring with the questionnaire the following behavioral attributes of charismatic leadership:

  1. Vision and Articulation
  2. Environmental sensitivity
  3. Sensitivity to members needs
  4. Unconventional Behavior
  5. Personal Risk
  6. Does not maintain status quo.

You can click on the following link to download the questionnaire: Questionnaire Charismatic Leadership

You will find more specific information in the literature of Conger & Kanungo, shown in the left section of the NL page.

*Source: ‘Comparison of Behavioral Attribute in Charismatic Leadership Theories’, Conger & Kanungo, 1989 and Conger, J.A. & R.N. Kanungo, ‘Charismatic Leadership in Organizations’, 1998.