Customer Satisfaction

Ask Advise & Consultancy advise organizations proactively to perform annual quality measurements on their services or products, by means of a customer satisfaction survey. The collected data can be the basis for improvements but also to make strategic decisions for the future.

If your service/product provide added value and meet the needs and requirements of the customer, it is important to identify the view of the customer on the service/product. Expectations are formed by earlier experiences in the past, gathered information and via word-to-mouth. An organization is able to influence these expectations of the customer, by managing the expectations. Clear, transparent and open communication about the service/product, helps to manage the perception of the customer.

For the Customer Satisfaction surveys we use two methods:

  1. The SERVQUAL model defines satisfaction as the difference between what the customer expects and what the customer is experiencing. If the service does not meet the customer expectations, then he/she will be dissatisfied. If the experience is beyond the expectations, then the customer will be very satisfied.
  2. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is based on the fundamental understanding that customers of a company can be divided into three categories: Promoters, Neutral customers and Critics. Depending on the answer on the ‘Ultimate Question’, customers may be classified in one of these categories.

Discussion of paper

  • We offer organizations support in the development of a questionnaire tailored to the quality of your services / your product.
  • We believe it is important to involve the customer in any areas for improvement and encourage them to provide their feedback, ideas, comments and suggestions. This information is very useful and valuable.

If desired we approach the customer with the request to respond anonymous and to cooperate in the customer satisfaction survey. The investigation shall be concluded with a report. The report contains the findings, conclusions and recommendations for the organization.

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